An Online Platform Beyond the App

Benefits of registering your Taxi company with us: 

  • A booking and dispatch system, accessible from anywhere online
  • More affordable than traditional dispatch systems
  • Management of requests made simple:
    • Real-time map vision of taxis and clients
    • Automatic finding of the nearest driver to the client
    • Instant messaging with client to minimize 'no-show' cases

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Multiple Payment Options for Your Clients

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Benefits for drivers registered with Go-Taxi: 

  • Real-time map vision of current requests
  • Nearest driver waiting longest is given priority
  • Button to notify client that their "Taxi has arrived" 
  • Multiple options to receive the fare payment

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  • More and more companies are using Go-Taxi at their locations  ... 

    San Fernando Valley, California, USA
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    St Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida, USA
    Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USA
    Jersey Shore, New Jersey, USA

    Ask your local company if they "Go-Taxi"!

Tap the App & Go! *

  • No phone calls, no waiting online
  • Useful in non-English speaking locations
  • Simple process:
    • Tap request button & confirm location.  Optionally enter destination+
    • Track your taxi on the map as it approaches. Cancel your booking at any time
    • Receive "Taxi has arrived" note. Track your travel. Pay in the app in multiple ways

   + Advanced options include type of car and future bookings.

*Available in selected locations.            Ask the Taxi companies in your location if they "Go-Taxi"! 

Multiple Payment Options

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